April 6, 2017

Used Coffee Gear

You can now buy and sell second-hand goods on our site!

Coffee gear is really, really great, but sometimes you need to upgrade or simply aren’t using an item anymore. Chances are that there’s someone who’s keen to buy it!

That’s why we made a dedicated used coffee gear category on our site for you to buy and sell your most loved items.

The best thing about buying second-hand goods through the Purist Coffee site is that you’re 100% protected.

  • We accept payment from the buyers and let the seller know that payment has been made.
  • The seller then ships the goods to the buyer (arranged by either party – not Purist Coffee).
  • Once the buyer is satisfied that the product purchased is, in fact, what was expected, we will release the payment to the seller.
  • If the buyer is not satisfied, payment will not be released.

It’s the safest way to buy second-hand goods in South Africa!

The process is simple:

Step 1: Complete the details of your listing and upload some images.

Step 2: Wait for Admin Approval

Step 3: Wait for your product to be purchased by an eager buyer:

Want to sell something? Click here.

Browse the second-hand items. Click here.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

The Purist Coffee Team.

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