March 1, 2017

Company Structure Update

The start of 2017 brought many good changes and refinements for Purist Coffee. The following changes were made.

  • We divided the business up into 3 parts, each with a unique focus:
    • Purist Coffee for Business, which focuses on wholesale coffee supplies to coffee shops, retailers, and offices. This includes ethically sourced and in-house roasted coffee, coffee machines and grinders as well as milk deliveries and other products and services affiliated with running an operation where coffee is sold or consumed in large quantities.

      We also help businesses hire better staff through our dedicated online barista CV tool, making sure that employers get the correct information from the candidates they are trusting to run their facilities. We have also developed an iOS app to help train staff in the coffee making process.

    • Purist Coffee Online, which focuses on e-commerce and the offering of products and services that the average household consumer would need to have a good coffee-drinking experience. We have developed a highly sophisticated online store that offers a seamless ordering and delivery process and are constantly revising our product offerings to better suit the market.

    • Purist Coffee Industries, which focuses on developing technologies to add value to the coffee consumers globally. Examples include, which helps coffee shop patrons to better connect with each other while they are working remotely in the coffee shops, and Trak, a device that monitors coffee supply remotely and reports it back to us, eliminating the risk of our clients running out coffee. The aforementioned CV generator and iOS app are also a product of this arm.

  • By Q3 in 2017, Purist Coffee will be operating in the USA, just as it does in Africa. The US-based operation and updates will be posted in the Company Updates section of this site.

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