February 24, 2017

Trak – / Version 2.0 /

In Mid-2016, we started to develop Trak, then known as “Project X”, which is a device that monitors the supply of our clients’ coffee and reports it back to us in real-time.

We found success and reliability in the technology, but it remained unviable due to it being far too expensive and hardware intensive to roll out on a large scale.

Now, in February 2017, with an increased focus on the Purist Coffee For Business aspect of our offerings, we have been able to reduce the production cost 10X using more specialised and purpose-made hardware to carry out the task that Trak requires!

There is still some progress to be made, but we are aiming to launch the product toward the middle of March 2017.

Our goals for the device are as follows:

  • Have the reliable ability to monitor supply remotely.
  • Interpret the data gathered into reliable tools for our customers to use to better their operations.
  • Use the data gathered to compliment other aspects of our business (we’ll have an understanding of when people make/drink coffee, and can structure other services around that).
  • Create client dashboards so that they can check on their supply remotely (Aiming for Q3 2017).
  • Structure an offering for other global roasters to use this technology to better service their clients too.
  • Inspire other African based businesses to look beyond their initial offering and find innovative ways to add value.

To pre-book your Trak device, click here.


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