February 13, 2017

Colahb Update

After developing the initial version of Colahb, we were extremely happy with the idea and what it could mean, but needed to add some extra fundamental features for the product to be a real success.

Here are the improvements we felt needed to be made:

  • The systems and infrastructure were not able to handle more than 1 million users – an issue for us considering the service is being offered globally and a redevelop when there are hundreds of thousands of users could cripple the momentum of the service.
  • The current infrastructure would not allow messaging between users.
  • Location based searching can now be introduced with the new infrastructure.
  • We needed a database redesign so that the service could run on native iOS and Android operating systems, a factor that we feel is crucial to the future success of Colahb.

We are sorry for the initial downtime, but feel that after we undertake this redesign, we will have laid a perfect foundation for a large adoption of this service.

Please get in touch with us at should you have any questions or comments.

Luke Venter / Product Development

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